I want to lick that pretty little smile on your beautiful face.
I want to kiss your gorgeous lips very intently
I want to see the fiery red of your lipstick on my teeth.
I want to suck the sugar on your sweet sexy tongue.
I want my hands pressed into every part of your hot body.
I want to brush you with my flowing finger tips
I want to paint you in my intent hand prints
I want to clasp handfuls of you and stuff you into my hungry mouth.
I want all of you held within my strong fists.
I want to smell you like a preying animal
I want to fill my lungs with your scent
I want to lap at you with my adept tongue
I want to kiss your wet pussy, just like I earlier kissed your starving mouth.
I want to devour you
I want to swallow every drip of you girl.
I want the hot depth of you, where your sweet nectar emanates from
I want the captivating flesh of you
I want to be sheathed in your throbbing sleeve
I want to hear you moan and groan
I want to thrust more steadily, going deepest
I want to make you splash and convulse
I want to quench your need of me in you
I want you to buckle and shudder to gratification
I want you with equal raw appetite
I want to go back on my knees in worship, smearing my face in your gushing
I want to imbibe myself in your nectar, cleaning every drop of you