Cocktail of You

I cannot get some sound sleep
Insomnia runs in me so deep
From it and from you I can’t leap
Your amorous picture in my gallery
Fills me with thoughts of flattery
Close your eyes and try to visualize
You’re on your bed all on your own
No bra, no panties, no gown
Try just to say my name baby
Imagine my rough hands all over you
Pressing gently on your soft skin
Intimate and sensual desire
Unraveling your inner bonfire
I miss you and I want you so bad
Suck my handsome dick, Ox-bow lips
I wanna have them betwixt on mine
I crave your full curvaceous hips
I want to hold them as if it were a crime
Submit your sexy body to me
My pleasure being your drug
I have a need to bury my fleshy bone
Into that warm,moist,tight new home
Call me now, book me a date
My hands will be on your breast
Your long legs around my waist
The beast pounding his ripened yam
Come serve me the delicious meal
And I’ll serve you the sweetest dessert
I want you baby.

Threads of our Tapestry

If you’ve ever gone to the bus stop with me
I must love you very much
I hold onto the sweet memories
But I’m after the promising future
If you’ve ever gone to a wedding with me
I must love you very much
A soul of divine beauty
Despite the hurricanes and storm
My heart still attracts yours
If you’ve ever gone to a charity giving with me
I must love you very much
For the supreme purpose of being human
Is to cherish, nourish and cultivate love
Your intensity and sensitivity
Your dreams and curiosity
Your strength and tenderness
Tie my soul next to yours

Moyo Wangu

Moyo wangu sio mpira, mateke kuupigapiga
Usinipakulie zako hasira, mie sio yako tiba wala kinga
Ilikushinda subira, ombi langu ukalipingapinga
Kwa nilivokutumainia, ukaonelea bora kutangatanga

Moyo wangu sio danganyadanganya, umechoka kuhanywahanywa
Huba langu aminifu, na wengine Sitaki kuchanganywachanganywa
Moyo wangu hupenda kikamilifu, hata ukinyanyaswanyanyaswa
Moyo wangu mzinga wa asali kuugundua, kuila nyuki watakusumbua

Moyo wangu ni harusi, moyo wangu ni matanga
Nkikuzawadi ni kama harusi, sipoutunza ni yako majanga
Moyo wangu una wake weusi, moyo wangu una wake mwanga
Moyo wangu thamani, katu siupeani kihubahuba tena asilani…


She was happy, but in a genuinely raw way
The kind of happiness that grows from the muck
The kind that made her impossible for someone spineless
She has questions that need answers
She wants to know everything
My stories, my nightmares, my travels
So we talked, and she listened
I showed her my soul
Like she was saving me
She was terrified of the things she loved
And loved the things she should be terrified of
She was twisted, confused and not well rested
But she listened, like time didn’t matter
And for once everything stood still
Everything except her heart
That would always be wild
In a genuinely raw kind of way

Pallete of You

You are my soul food
A catalyst to my mood
I can’t resist your charm
I’m lost in your eyes
Drowning in your gaze
Hypnotized by your smile
Aroused by your touch
You are a very rare jewel
A precious stone chiseled by pain
In you there’s so much I gain
You are perfect for me
Let no one tell you otherwise

Life is a Safari

My childhood friend once said
Listen kid, good and bad things happen
To bad and good people alike
And you can do something about it
When the world turns it’s back on you
You turn your back on the world
You need a new lesson
All you have to do
Is repeat after me
Hakuna Matata
It means no worries


We didn’t just bump into each other
It was more like a soul collision
Unconventional catches my attention
And she was nothing like the rest
I couldn’t figure her out
She wasn’t meant to be solved
She is nothing like a puzzle
She is paradox and contradictions
She couldn’t fit in my box
She would probably rip it apart
She is poetry that is rebellious
She is Comfort in the chaos
And I want more…

I of the Pain

I heard an Ed Sheeran song
And it made me think of her
Then the song ended
And that made me think of her too
She came into my life like a thunderstorm
Wild, chaotic and magnificent
But storms don’t last
And neither did she
I wish I could ask her
If a tree falls in the forest
And no one is there to see it
Does it make a sound?
If two words could break a heart
And she is not there to see it
Does it make a sound?
Turns out I know a lot of things
But I still don’t know
Why she would do that to me

It’s Over.


Tell me something Cupcake
Should I call you a glass of wine or wine itself
Should I keep the smell on the glass or the wine in the bottle
I really admire your taste, it makes mine
I saw you as a mere challenge
I didn’t understand what life’s battles would be like around you
Until we faced them by each other’s side
Sometimes thinking about you satisfies my day
Your sense of difference leaves me in awe
Every time your eyes lock with mine
I’m tempted to kiss your lipstick off
Or better yet take off your floral dress
Marked with juice spills from our picnic date
Seemingly interested in wrapping yourself around me
Sometimes I ask myself what make are you of
I might just say you match me differently
Like the sweetest lemonade I’ve ever tasted
With mixtures of good and wrong
A muse’s voice in my life song.


She’d always make her way
To my side of the bed
Slowly bit by bit until
There was nowhere else
For me to go and I swear
I could see her smiling in her sleep
So proud to have me trapped
Between a rock and a soft place