Popular Loner

I lend everybody my ear
But no one my heart
I thought I’d like to change that
But I didn’t know where to start
I smile more to myself
Than anyone would ever see
Because the only time my smile is real
Is when am with just me
People don’t know how I feel
They can’t see past my mask
If they were with me at night
When the world is still asleep
Maybe then I’d let them sort
Through the secrets that I keep
But when I wake up before dawn
Nobody is ever there but HIM
And I learnt what I hide in my heart
Is only for me and Christ to speak

Everyday it will rain

For each forgotten kiss
For all the memories that I miss
For all the times we spent alone
Whatever happened was to happen
It didn’t last and it wasn’t a must
You played your part oh so well
A classic modern day Juliet
Burning with passionate desire
But you left me in the pouring rain
Now all I feel is the pain

Midnight Daydreams

I’ve been told that I give really bad hugs
It’s as if I’m trying to run away
Sometimes its because I am
I get really nervous secretely
When someone gets close enough to hear me breathe
I have this odd fascination for sand castles
That’s because I usually find myself dedicated to things
That only last a few moments
I kinda like it because it often reminds me
That I’m not afraid of relationships falling
But I’m afraid of what’s gonna happen
When my body touches the ground
I’m clumsy, yesterday I tripped over my self esteem
And landed with a thud on my pride
And it shuttered like an iPhone with a broken face
Now I can’t even tell who’s trying to give me a compliment
I’ve never been in the military
But I have this purple heart
I got it from beating myself up
Over things I can’t fix
I know this sounds weird
But sometimes I wonder what my bedsheets say
About me when I’m not around
I wonder what the curtains would do
If they find out about all the things
I have done behind their backs
I got a hamper that is overflowing
With really loud mistakes
And a closet that holds much more than it can take
My name is Kenjones
I enjoy good food and watching people laugh for no reason at all
But I never allow myself to cry as often as I need to
I have solar powered confidence
A battery operated smile
And my hobbies include editing my life’s story
Hiding behind metaphors
And trying to convince my shadow
That I’m worth following
That’s me… Who are you?


Hushed whispers in the shadows
Black smoke hissing from the earth
The blowing wind carrying bad news
The hand holding the dagger is steady
The gun’s aim to the heart is locked
Hugs deathly like a murderous actress
Demons feeding on my fear of losing her
Her music a hidden agenda of abuse
I couldn’t breathe when the tide took us out to sea
But you, you turned around and swam away
Left me to drown and went on without me
I had it all, at the top of my game
Or even more, now who is to say
I’d built a wall, and I built it tall
I thought it would keep what’s dear to me
But I saw you shed your old self
And as I swam towards shore I was certain
That you’d be the next thing I’d lose

Brown Skin

I admit it, I’m afraid to love
Not just love but to love you
You are a stunning mystery
You carry things deep inside you
That one is yet to understand
And I, I’m afraid to fail like the rest
You are like the vast ocean
I’m just a guy who loves the waves
But is terrified to swim


I get attached easily
That’s my insecurity, my disability
So don’t tell me to stop confusing you
I couldn’t be more confused myself
I want to have a future with you
But I don’t think you fit into my present
I know you are beautiful
But I’m still stuck at pretty
I know you deserve to be chased
Like any other classy lady
I’m sure I want you as my meal
But I don’t want to get attached to the hunt
I understand a real man knows what he wants
And that I need to make up my mind
I’m just being honest with you
I’m insecure about making the wrong choice
I hate my insecurities for keeping me
From falling for you
But I don’t want to fall in love with you
Just to be more insecure

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton