Broken Native

You are an art
And not everyone understands art
Some look at paintings & see only colours
Some read poetry & see only words
Some listen to music but only hear sounds
But I look at you my dear
And I see a sublime art

Monsters or Men

During a dreadful night
I managed to put up a fight
Maybe the strong me died
And weak me survived
The constant voices ringing in my ears
Here I am still living in my fears
Like a painful reminder of that night
Where I lost an outnumbered fight
Wondering if I am even right
While holding myself tight
The night is long dead yet tears still wet my bed
That dreadful night, the cause of my fright
These thoughts make me shiver
The fear making me quiver
My painful screams still haunting my dreams
I haven’t given up the fight
Because I know I can still make it right


I opened up to you
Showed you exactly how I felt
And you did as expected
Tried your best not to react
Wasted all that energy
I regret this day

Difu Simo

Safari yangu ni mali yangu
Lakini Yale niliyo yapitia
Siwezi tena kuyarudia
Machozi na machungu yangu
Ni Yale yaliyonifunza yameshanielimisha
Kutembea nami nitatembea
Safari yangu bado yaendelea
Macho yangu nimeshayafungua
Nasonga mbele na sirudi nyuma
Maishani mwangu pingu weka mbali


I’m not a prisoner
I’m not a slave to anything
It’s true I’ve fallen a couple of times
I will need Him over and over again
I won’t live a life full of hurt
I know they say that’s the way life is
But I believe that it is not
Because life is what you make it
And I shall always believe
That my soul will stay free
And I must win

Head or Heart?

Your heart is booming like a speaker
I know I got you trembling from head to toe
I’m trying to make you a believer
I can tell by now you’re longing for the next poem
I know I had you in the zone
But lady let’s have a conversation first
I’m sorry we have to cool down the heat a little bit
I know that your patience is fading
And it’s no longer amazing
It’s not that I ain’t used to it
But my expectations were higher
I know I’ve been longing to have you
Girl I had a lot in store for you
I didn’t know it would be this easy
I’ve got a lot of questions so please forgive me
Is it the poetry that made you come my way?
Or are you testing the waters
And soon you’ll be on your way?
Are you trying to use me to get over somebody?
Are you in love with me?
I’m kinda confused so lady
Let’s slow down the tempo & turn down the volume

Afire Love

One thing I love about Jesus is
He gets you out of situations
That you stubbornly got yourself into
And holds nothing against you

All you Need is Love

and on days, when you’re sleepless, my love
i’ll be there, to caress you to sleep

and on days, when you’re not feeling as beautiful,
i’ll be there to tell you, as to how really beautiful, you look tonight

and on days, when you’re feeling anxious,
i’ll be there, to hold you tighter than any comforter out there

and on days, when you’re lost, my love
i’ll be there, by yours, to help you find one

and on days, when nothing seems to be going right, my love
i’ll be there, to hold you in my embrace and tell you, as to how all of it will be okay

and on days, when you feel incomplete with yourself, my love
i’ll be there, to help you realize, that oh you were never really lacking anything

somedays, all that you need is love.

with love.


Heart to Mind

My mind is longing for you,
A love my heart just found.
Words will not describe!
The emotions I feel inside.
When we are together,
I need to hold you close,
Heart to mind,
I love your smile, your flowing hair and the valiant walk,
To each day I walk alone,
No one can fill the chamber meant for you.
I think about you all day,
But mostly when I lay awake.
I will stand by your side,
Through the thick and all,
To see that gorgeous smile,
That always makes me fall.
When you have nothing left,
I SWEAR I’ll be your left.
Your beautiful glow,
An angel I have, from head to toe
I know these words, my heart has shown,
To you I vow these words alone.

Yes but No

When you hear No
I hope you will know
That I love you more
Than I want you now