The Greatest!

12th November, 2020

I take it with lots of humility and love. Being Dad to you, I know how much potential God, our Father, has endowed you with. You need Him, graciously and willingly, from your own personal initiative, to have those enormous resources activated in you for your own good and for His glory. I celebrate you, my own son. Have a lovely and enjoyable birthday anniversary and celebration.


I want to lick that pretty little smile on your beautiful face.
I want to kiss your gorgeous lips very intently
I want to see the fiery red of your lipstick on my teeth.
I want to suck the sugar on your sweet sexy tongue.
I want my hands pressed into every part of your hot body.
I want to brush you with my flowing finger tips
I want to paint you in my intent hand prints
I want to clasp handfuls of you and stuff you into my hungry mouth.
I want all of you held within my strong fists.
I want to smell you like a preying animal
I want to fill my lungs with your scent
I want to lap at you with my adept tongue
I want to kiss your wet pussy, just like I earlier kissed your starving mouth.
I want to devour you
I want to swallow every drip of you girl.
I want the hot depth of you, where your sweet nectar emanates from
I want the captivating flesh of you
I want to be sheathed in your throbbing sleeve
I want to hear you moan and groan
I want to thrust more steadily, going deepest
I want to make you splash and convulse
I want to quench your need of me in you
I want you to buckle and shudder to gratification
I want you with equal raw appetite
I want to go back on my knees in worship, smearing my face in your gushing
I want to imbibe myself in your nectar, cleaning every drop of you

GOD said NO

I asked GOD to take away my bad habit
GOD said No, it’s not for Him to take it away but for me to give it up
I asked GOD to make my handicapped child whole
GOD said No, his Spirit is whole, it’s only his body that is temporary
I asked GOD to grant me patience
GOD said No, it is a by product of tribulations, it’s not granted but learned
I asked GOD to give me happiness
GOD said No, He gives me blessings, happiness is up to me
I asked GOD to spare me from pain
GOD said No, suffering draws me apart from worldly cares and brings me closer to Him
I asked GOD to make my Spirit grow
GOD said No, I must grow on my own, but He will prune me to make me fruitful
I asked GOD for all things that I may enjoy life
GOD said No, He gives me life so that I may enjoy all things
I asked GOD to help me LOVE others just as much as He loves them
GOD said Yes. That my Son, I will Always Do.

Gracefully Broken

LORD, turn my Sorrow into Seed, and I will give the First Fruit of it to You. If You help me make Peace with who I've been, I Promise I will help Every Person I meet who is Going Through what I've Been Through.

Kukuacha Nitaanzaje?

Una urembo kama hurlaini wa peponi
Hisia zangu wazitia motoni
Kila usiku u mwangu ndotoni.
Macho yako mazuri
Umbo lako nane namba
Unanukia uturi
Una Sauti kama kasuku
Na nyodo kama vifungo
Ni mwenye hakika huba
Mahaba moyoni yamenikaba
Penzi moto zaidi ya jua
Wewe umeniridhi wengine wote pangua
Napenda ulivyo, mso maringo
Mahaba ndo langu kuu lengo
Nakupenda, dhambi kusema uongo

Desert Forest

January 24, 2021.

All I can tell you for now is that there is more in you and for you than you may be able to see in this season. Don’t self sabotage and think that you’re dysfunctional because you are not. Do not be comfortable with dysfunction. Give yourself space to breathe, release and then assess yourself. Afterwards you can have an idea on what to change then make a plan and celebrate the smallest of steps. Allow yourself to grow, you’re planted not buried. And in Christ, all seeds are trees bearing much fruit. Seasons come and go but GOD is the ONLY CONSTANT. I know you’re coming out of this, better and stronger. As much as you feel like you’re losing much, God doesn’t want to lose you. You’re not in a toxic relationship with God, He wants fellowship with you. Don’t go to God complaining, when life gives you trauma, build an altar for God so He can move in your life. Don’t be like the Israelites and in doing so abandon His promise to you. What God says is more real than what is happening now. Vision is more real than eyesight.

Snowy Flames

I don’t make up words to write then read
I wake up and write then I bleed
I’m trying to tell you something
But I cannot say it in words
I keep coming back to my poetry
Because it helps when I am hurt
I reached the beginning of GOD
When I woke up to the end of me
You can never plan for a Tsunami
When your mind is only a lake
The World doesn’t really satisfy you
When you know you’re GOD sent

Flamed Mercy

I don’t always wait on You
But please wait for me LORD
Because when You leave me
I will be so heartbroken
I will be deeply hurt
And I will be broken

Reckless Love

I am not Religious
I’m saved by Christ
He knew that I’d still struggle with sin
Even after He saves me
But He still did it anyway
There is No Greater Love than this

The LORD’s Gym

I asked for Strength and GOD gave me difficulties to make me Strong
I asked for Wisdom and GOD gave me problems to Solve
I asked for Courage and GOD gave me dangers to Overcome
I asked for more Love and GOD gave me difficult people to Help
I Understand Him much much better now
He has Always answered all my Prayers