He Too

I was always the one that craved his attention – constantly trying to be the center of his attention. I was always the one who needed those cute messages – a reason to remember that he still got me. I was always the one who wrote long paragraphs of texts just to express my feelings […]

He Too


Sometimes I think, how the things will be,
If our lives had background music like the movies we see.
On the choice of music, our emotions will play the role,
But if we want others to listen, we will have full control.
The music should be feeble, but the volume should be adjustable,
To help with mood fluctuations, our playlist should be available!

Think when our crush looks at us or when she smiles;
Violins play in the background with the romantic song for a while.
Or when we crack a sum or get the answer to any question;
Trumpets play the victory music and we dance to that expression.
Or at the time, when we score a goal or hit a century;
The song from our favorite league plays, which we relish in our memory.

Think about the time when we are sad, but we don’t have words to say;
So the sad and grieving music at the back of our head starts to play.
But we also want someone to tell, someone to know;
So we adjust the settings that in someone else’s ears it can also go.
In the same way, we can tell someone whenever we feel alone;
Maybe it can be the solution for those who are depression-prone.

Think about the time when we are angry and don’t want others to mess;
So getting lost in loud metallic music can avoid further distress.
Or when something bad is about to happen or danger is about to arrive;
Sharp thrill music prior will help the humans survive.
And the best part, confessions will be easier with little hesitation,
Only the music will converse, and difficulty will be out of the equation!

These are only a few, but the possibilities are endless,
It can be the future though if we emphasize further stress.
Keeping out the good and bad aspects, it will be great fun,
Also, can be used as a therapy and problem can be outdone.
Still, there are centuries to go for such a thing to happen,
Till then, our imagination will do so from seven in the morning to night till eleven.


Hey Brother

July 13th, 2021

Hey bro.. Thank you for your prayers towards me. I’m deeply humbled and also inspired. It’s very comforting to know that I’m not alone in this and I have you, who genuinely cares about me in all aspects. I thank God for you my brother. You and Glory are helping me in ways ata sijui kama mnajua. I think it will take like 10 years or even more for you guys to fully see what and how this has built me on the inside. God’s Will will be done and His purpose shall prevail. Thank you Saa, God bless you and increase you my dear big brother. Pole sina SMS 

Mysterious Fact

I love you Aria
And maybe that is enough
Or maybe it will never be
But understand that it doesn’t matter
I love you for who you are
Not what you can give back

Holy Coquette

I came running at your slightest call
But when I needed you, you were AWOL
I forfeited sleep to make sure you were okay
But you won’t make time for me on any day
We talked only when you wanted
But when I did you literally ignored me
I kept wondering if maybe you just got bored
Pushing me away because you know I’d reappear
But tomorrow when you come I just won’t be here
Because I realised that I can’t fully love you
When you don’t even love yourself

Breath by Breath

They say when life gives you lemons
Then you should make lemonade
Well, I don’t dispute that one bit
But I am the lemon in my story
And my life now was worth the squeeze
I can comfortably talk about it
I can shout freely about it
I can laugh heartily about it
I can serve my lemonade to others
Because I’m alright now


I’ll tell it rather simply
I’ll say it plain and true
A simple thing I want
And all I want is you
You’re the air that I breathe
You’re my fondest obsession
You’re all my thoughts tied into one
You’re the laugh that entertains me
You’re all that life need ever give
If I could ask for anything
I’d only ask for you

Us against the world

I don’t want a fairytale ending with you
I want to help you face your fears
I want to help you overcome your failures
I want you to see the poem that you are
I want to give your words space to breathe
I want to weave the poem I am with you
We may not rhyme, but we’re poetry all the same


You’re never as good as they say you’re
You’re not as bad as you think you’re
All that matters
Is how you think of yourself

Keep Jogging

What drives you on the days you wish to give up?
What gives you the strength to hold on?
Is it a person, is it an object?
Is it a personal vendetta you have for the future?
Well, only you know yours, I know mine
And it’s pretty simple really
It’s Him. It’s always been Him.
I wake up everyday feeling some type of way
And then I talk to Him and it all fades away
I touch Heaven when my knees hit the ground
When He speaks to me it all seems to go away
All the pain, all the hurt, all the regrets, everything
It all fades away until it’s only Him and I left together
Ready to face the day beaming with confidence
He is my drive