January 24, 2021.

All I can tell you for now is that there is more in you and for you than you may be able to see in this season. Don’t self sabotage and think that you’re dysfunctional because you are not. Do not be comfortable with dysfunction. Give yourself space to breathe, release and then assess yourself. Afterwards you can have an idea on what to change then make a plan and celebrate the smallest of steps. Allow yourself to grow, you’re planted not buried. And in Christ, all seeds are trees bearing much fruit. Seasons come and go but GOD is the ONLY CONSTANT. I know you’re coming out of this, better and stronger. As much as you feel like you’re losing much, God doesn’t want to lose you. You’re not in a toxic relationship with God, He wants fellowship with you. Don’t go to God complaining, when life gives you trauma, build an altar for God so He can move in your life. Don’t be like the Israelites and in doing so abandon His promise to you. What God says is more real than what is happening now. Vision is more real than eyesight.