Your heart is booming like a speaker
I know I got you trembling from head to toe
I’m trying to make you a believer
I can tell by now you’re longing for the next poem
I know I had you in the zone
But lady let’s have a conversation first
I’m sorry we have to cool down the heat a little bit
I know that your patience is fading
And it’s no longer amazing
It’s not that I ain’t used to it
But my expectations were higher
I know I’ve been longing to have you
Girl I had a lot in store for you
I didn’t know it would be this easy
I’ve got a lot of questions so please forgive me
Is it the poetry that made you come my way?
Or are you testing the waters
And soon you’ll be on your way?
Are you trying to use me to get over somebody?
Are you in love with me?
I’m kinda confused so lady
Let’s slow down the tempo & turn down the volume