Law of Freedom

We blame the past for our future
We blame our parents for our habits
We blame our teachers for our ignorance
We blame our leaders for how we follow them
We blame sickness for our health
We blame our children for our social problems
We blame cigarettes for our cancer
We blame the government for unemployment
We blame alcohol for our drunkedness

Life Owes You Nothing. Take Responsibility.

Larva Icycles

Move on with your life
Not all wounds need to be scars
But if you cannot move on
I want you to move out of my story
You cannot be in every chapter
When you are constantly the villain


The feeling of never being good enough
Is not like the passing wind
Where it comes, destroys and then leaves
It is more like the hurricane
It stays like a welcomed visitor
Destroys you like a fake friend
Stabs you like your close brother
Then buries you like a mother

Witch Fairy

Chapter by chapter
You were tearing my book
And my little brain thought that
You were arranging the pages into perfect order

No Heart in Hurtbreak

Nothing feels the same anymore
I’ve watched your laughs turn to smiles
You now like what you used to love
Even when I try to show that I care
You don’t respond and I’m not used to that
This feels so useless when I’m losing rest
And you don’t even seem slightly bothered
I don’t know what to do next from here
You’ve left me in a loop where I’m clueless
With a flickering amber of a dying flame
Where there once used to be raging wildfire
I feel you slipping away

Faith over Fear

Why is it so easy to focus on little failures
And leave them on replay in your mind
They cast an invisible cloud over your eyes
And caused you to be so blind
To all the substantial success in life
And all the times you did so well
Worked so hard and pushed yourself
But you’re worried that no one could tell
The truth was so obvious to see
All you ever did was your very best
It’s important not to weigh yourself down
And learn to let your mind rest

Divine Darkness

I was at the edge of the cliff
Barely holding on to myself
I didn’t know what else to do
It felt like end of the world for me
One step forward I tried to take
But You Called me, … I heard You
I remember how Your Voice made me turn
The world around me was ending
Mine was just right there in front of me


It’s not that I hate people
I just like my own company
As I can be the real person I am
That the world would never see
I really enjoy being by myself
Discovering my even and odds
Knowing myself even better
Trying to shape my scrambled thoughts
I rarely talk to people about myself
And I surely would like to change that
As people are often unpredictable
And maybe shouldn’t be judged
By the few experiences I’ve had


They say do not judge people
By how they look and speak of you
Quoting just don’t look at the cover
Then not go ahead and read the book
Although sometimes maybe you should
Because some are a different story
That’s not worth you reading at all
Sometimes trying to know more
Will leave you feeling sad and sorry
They will break your precious heart
They will toy with your hard-earned patience
They will misunderstand your vulnerability
They will tramp your wounds with words
They will slice open your scars
They will trouble your calm soul
Until you’re tired of even feeling tired
So you start to dance while bleeding
Laughing along with the distress
As it laughs sheepishly at you
Because what blinded them
Awakened you

Three Roses

As time continues to grow
Our hearts become one
Our souls soon merge
Your smile & happiness reflect mine
Your figure crawls inside my mind
As you’re all I ever think about
Your love is so strong
It brings me back to life
You’ll always be the part of me
That lives on forever and a day